How to take better nude selfies

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How to take better nude selfies


Post by Matt » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:35 pm

This article talks about how to take self portraits and contains some helpful tips and tricks that might help you improve & your photos! Well there are a number of different techniques you can use & I'll try my best to cover them in this article.

Personally, I normally use a camera w/a tripod for my photos but if you only have a cell phone I have outlined steps for those in this as well.

Camera w/Tripod
Here are steps for using a camera with a tripod.
  • Camera w/shutter timer or wireless remote (if your camera supports it)
  • Tripod
Now that you have your equipment you need to setup your camera on a tripod and get it positioned where you want it for the photo. You will have to guesstimate whereabouts that you plan to be in the photo.

Next you need to set your timer to at least 10 seconds (or set it to use your wireless remote)

When you are ready to take the picture push the shutter button and go pose for the photo in the desired area where the camera is aimed.

If you were successful you should have a new photo of yourself nude in your birthday suit on your camera.
Cell Phone Tips
There are many ways to take self portraits with your cell phone and I have listed several different ways below.

Use an app with a timer
Set your timer on your cell phone to 10 seconds or so and prop up your phone against something so it stands up. When ready tap the shutter button and go stand where the camera is aiming for your selfie!

Use Voice Commands!
Some cell phones like the Samsung S8 and S9, S9+ has a feature called voice commands where you can say words like “Cheese” “Smile” and others to take a photo when this feature is enabled. So prop your phone against something and point it where you want to stand and test it out!

Use a Selfie Stick or camera stand
Use the selfie stick to aim the camera back at yourself while keeping the stick itself out of the photo. Snap the picture. Using a phone camera stand with your timer is an alternative to the tip above.

Use your Arm
This one is pretty self explanatory. Hold your camera out away from your body with your arm. The goal here is to capture yourself while trying to keep your arm out of the photo as much as possible.

Use a mirror
I only recommend this method as a last resort as it can result in some fairly tacky results.

Hold your cell phone up in front of you with the camera turned on (flash off) and aimed into the mirror. You should be looking at your cell phone screen and seeing your reflection in the mirror on the screen.

Adjust your pose until you are happy with the image and cannot see your arm in the cell phone screen. Snap the picture.
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