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2019-03-14 EN is evolving. Are you ready?

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:43 am
by Matt
I'm working to evolve EN to make things simpler for members of this great community. Please read this post and get a feel for what I'm doing to improve your experience here.

New Theme
I gave EN a make over (yes again) as the other theme had some visual problems especially on certain pages where the theme was simply broken.

This new theme I installed and modified to my liking features:
  • Fully working links
  • Not bugged like other theme
  • Social links in the footer
  • GDPR cookie warning
E-Mail Notifications
You might of noticed that e-mail notifications no longer come from a gmail account. Yes that's right, they now come from an e-mail address at

Separated site news & Information
I separated site news & information and created an information forum for new and existing members to gain simple information about EN including links to our Knowledge Base for help.

Site News & Website Maintenance is thrown into a new category for now called Site News & Maintenance which includes two forums for both topics. I may combine them in the future if I find a creative way to go about it.

Goal is to keep it clean and not confusing for members.

Rules Mod Disabled
Disabled the rules mod and added rules to the Terms page instead.

This simplifies things because now when new members register they get presented with the rules up front.
Current members can find a link in one of two places Knowledge Base
Created a new forum to write articles for our new Knowledge Base. This was done because the previous knowledge base didn't work in Tapatalk.

Currently only Administrators and Moderators can add new items to the Knowledge base & will be adding helpful knowledge there for members. Please refer to the Knowledge base BEFORE asking questions about how to do something such as uploading avatars or resizing them.

Re: EN is evolving. Are you ready?

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:43 pm
by Matt
Folks please make sure you read this post!

Also sorry for the random new topics I created with the knowledge base forum. I did that because the old Knowledge base didn't work from Tapatalk so it was pretty worthless.