2019-03-12 GDPR Compliant

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2019-03-12 GDPR Compliant


Post by t3dus » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:42 pm

I realize we might have some folks using this forum who are from the UK so I'm working to make this forum GDPR Compliant because I personally can't afford to be sued over a forum that I offer to people for free.

Please note these other interesting facts:
  • EN does not collect or sell your data to third parties
  • EN administrators do not spy on users.
  • EN administrators have no access to read your private messages.
  • The only data that is viewable by others is information that you provide in posts or on your profile.
  • This website is offered for free for naturists and no money is made from the website aside from donations.
Thank you for being a member here at EN! :thumbup:
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